The Best Toys For Puppies & Small Dogs

Every good pet owner wants their pet to have the best possible experience of everyday life, and to be as healthy, happy, and as socially well-adjusted as possible.

Just like people, dogs – and especially puppies – need regular play in order to relieve stress, to explore their boundaries, and to develop properly and remain happy at the same time.

There are a wide variety of excellent toys out there for your dog to enjoy and take advantage of – but, of course, certain types of toys will naturally be more well-suited to certain types of dogs.

Here are a few suggestions on the best types of toys for puppies and small dogs in particular.

Toys with a treat or puzzle solving element

Toys such as the Willy and Dilly Small Treat Toy are excellent and accessible for small dogs in general, but may be especially beneficial for puppies in particular. Puppies are naturally energetic and respond especially well to treats. Being able to play with a durable and size-appropriate toy which rewards them with a treat helps to make the entire play process far more engaging and exciting, and can benefit your dog in all kinds of different ways.

What’s more, if you have more than one dog playing with these toys together will lead to a more energetic and competitive experience – although, of course, you have to monitor it to make sure that things don’t slip from playful competition into the realm of real aggression.

At Willy & Dilly, we stock the perfect toy for dogs that love play and treats, and even better news - it comes in three different sizes, meaning a smaller option for your pup or smaller breed. 

Fetch toys

Dogs and owners alike love to play fetch. It’s an excellent way of having some fun with your beloved pet, while both of you get some exercise at the same time.

In the case of puppies or new dogs, in particular, interactive games like fetch can help you and your dog to bond and grow emotionally close to each other, in addition to helping them to come to trust you more.

These days, there are some great fetch toys on offer, such as the Willy and Dilly Small Rugby Ball, which provides a rugged and textured surface that will be pleasant for your dog to chew, while also featuring grooves that treats can be lodged into.

The aerodynamic nature of the toy allows for great throwing distance, while the anti-antimicrobial coating helps to protect against harmful bacteria build up. The small size makes it easy for puppies and small dogs to retrieve.

Squeaky animal toys

There are a wide variety of different toys out there that are shaped like animals – ranging from things like festive reindeer themed toys, to toys that are shaped like mice and other small creatures. There are even large toys that simulate other dogs, that your dog can snuggle up to.

Although dogs are lovable creatures, they are also natural predators – which is why you have to be careful with them around hamsters, birds, and other small creatures.

Small animal-shaped squeaky toys can allow your dog to experience the “thrill of the hunt” in a safe and controlled way that doesn’t hurt them or anything else.

For young puppies, larger plushy toys that represent other dogs can be a source of comfort, and are something they can snuggle up to in the night.

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