How To Clean & Wash Dog Toys

Like every other canine, your dog has a favourite toy it plays with in the yard or never leaves the house without. Since dogs use their mouths to play with their toys, a build-up of dirt, saliva, grime, and bacteria are left on the toy. This can be harmful to your dog’s health and yours. 

According to researchers, dogs can spread a host of germs as their bowls and toys carry these germs. Therefore, it is essential to clean and disinfect them as often as possible. Check this guide on how to clean and wash your dog toys.

Use the right cleaning items

Before you start cleaning your dog’s toys, you need to have the right cleaning items. Your dishwasher or microwave may come in handy when cleaning your dog toys. However, if you are not so comfortable with that, there are other DIY alternatives. For this, you would need vinegar and water. The cleaning technique applied would depend on the type of dog toy in question:

Rope toys 

These toys are difficult to clean as compared to hard toys. Thorough cleaning is required to kill every bacteria in the rope dog toy. For these toys, the best cleaning method is soaking them in clean water. Once a bit of the build-up is broken away, heat it in the microwave to completely kill off any remaining bacteria. Likewise, you can throw them inside your washing machine for a hot wash with no cleanser, then leave it to dry in the sun. 

Hard dog toys 

Dog toys made with rubber, plastic, and nylon help keep your dog’s teeth clean. That also means they require a bit more routine cleaning to minimize any risk of bacteria and germs infection in your home. Although hard toys can be washed using a dishwasher, check for the manufacturers' instructions to see if that method is safe. The dishwasher temperature can be harmful to the toy's make and pose other potential chemical discharges. Thoroughly rinse hard dog toys in clean water and allow them to dry. It is vital to ensure they are free from surplus water before returning it to the playing field. 

Soft dog toys 

Your soft dog toys don't require any specific technique in cleaning them. With a pet-friendly soap or detergent, you can use the usual washing method to have them clean and fresh in no time. Do you want to disinfect them? A simple wash with baking soda and white vinegar will have the toys sparkling in no time. The best time to do this is on a sunny day to allow it dry naturally outside. 

To toss or keep? 

Although your dog’s toys can be washed, it is essential to dispose of them if they are not in good condition to avoid harming your pet. Toss the toy out if: 

  • They have missing pieces due to intense chewing. 
  • Any stuffed toy has a hanging part that could cause choking. 
  • Your dog might be eating its toys instead of playing with them

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