Willy & Dilly are two wirehaired miniature dachshunds living on a farm in Suffolk, along with 5 other family-owned dogs and all the farm animals. 

 Over the years, the playful but determined Willy & Dilly have made their way through all kinds of different dog toys. The family just couldn’t find long-lasting toys to keep these two miniature partners in crime entertained! 

Willy & Dilly’s family realised it was about time to take matters into their own hands. By combining all the best things about their favourite past toys, the idea for Willy & Dilly was born! 

The journey began to create addictively fun dog toys that are rugged enough that even Willy & Dilly can’t demolish them. Something that can be used indoors or outdoors, and are mentally stimulating! 

Willy & Dilly dog toys help you create and foster a strong and lasting bond with your four-legged friend. By putting together fun, learning and health benefits in a toy that lasts, we hope all dogs can now get as much joy out of play as our lively little dachshunds do!