The Best Toys for Medium Sized Dogs

Toys are a great enrichment for your dog’s life, no matter what size they are. Whilst every dog is different in age, colour and shape, you can almost bet that they all enjoy ‘playtime’ now and again! 

Medium size dogs, like a labrador or collie, require a bit more substance to their toys than what a smaller dog would, such as a chihuahua or pug. This is simply because their mouths and paws are bigger so they are going to need a toy that won’t break during their first time playing with it.

Luckily for medium-sized dogs everywhere, Willy & Dilly have created the following guide to help dog owners shop the best type of toys for dogs their size.  

What Makes a Dog Toy “The Best”?

The best dog toy is one that won’t cause harm to your dog or home. It won’t break and ideally, it will be exciting and fun for your dog to play with. 

Some dog toys have decreased in popularity, for example, rope pull toys. This is due to them no longer being promoted as safe for your dog. 

Did you know that rope toys aren’t designed with a dog’s mouth in mind? Bits of rope can easily become chewed off and easily swallowed, resulting in painful trips to the vet or worse. 

You need a toy that is ergonomic for your dog’s mouth and one that isn’t going to become shredded and accidentally swallowed, but is also exciting and fun for your dog...

Introducing Willy & Dilly 

Willy and Dilly are two playful dachshunds, who are a part of a five-dog farming family in Suffolk. In the past, the double team of Willy and Dilly chewed their way through so many toys that eventually their owners couldn’t keep up. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Introducing, Willy & Dilly! We create exciting dog toys that combine all of the best things about our dogs’ favourite toys so that dogs everywhere can experience some serious playtime fun, just like Willy & Dilly do. 

Willy & Dilly ‘Treat Toy’ for Medium Sized Puppies and Dogs. 

It’s perfect for dogs that love to nosey, play and enjoy finding treats. Owners can fill the inside of the Treat Toy with the treats their dog likes and let them play around with it until their heart’s content. This toy is very rewarding for dogs as they have to work a bit to get the treat out of the hole. 

The Treat Toy is currently available in Purple, Blue and Yellow. 

Unlike rope toys, the Treat Toy is made from 100% natural rubber and zero harsh chemicals. 

Its edges and surfaces are tough and textured so your dog can chew and play with it all day without any damage. The Treat Toy also has antimicrobial protection so that bacteria can’t build on it. 

Willy & Dilly ‘Solid Ball’ for Medium Sized Puppies and Dogs

The ‘Solid Ball’ was designed for the tough chewers. It’s the strongest ball yet in Willy & Dilly’s range and is built to last. 

There are different textures and grips on the surface of the Solid Ball to enhance your dog’s playtime and encourage them to chew on it. As well as that, the Solid Ball toy comes in beef, venison, plain and chicken flavour! 

Like the Treat Toy, the Solid Ball is also made from 100% natural rubber, without harsh chemicals and with antimicrobial protection. It is 75mm in diameter and weighs 267g/9.4oz. 

Willy & Dilly ‘Rugby Ball’ for Medium Sized Puppies and Dogs

Willy & Dilly created the Rugby Ball for medium-sized dogs that love to nosey, fetch and chew. 

The oval shape gives it a fun, unpredictable bounce which makes games of fetch much more interesting! The shape of the Rugby Ball means that dog-friendly spreads and treats can be hidden in the grooves which will make playtime even more enriching for dogs. 

As always, Willy & Dilly’s Rugby Ball is made with 100% natural rubber, with antimicrobial protection and zero harsh chemicals. It’s available in blue, green, yellow and red. 

If your dogs are anything like Willy and Dilly, they will love these toys. Hide and seek, fetch and puzzle-solving games can all be played with the toys in this range. To see more, visit the Willy & Dilly online shop

P.S. We also have a whole collection dedicated to Small and Large dogs! 

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