Best Gifts For Dogs

Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one can be a difficult task but have you ever tried picking a special gift for your four-legged friend? Nowadays, the world has caught up with how obsessed people are with their pets and so gifting your dog on their birthday or Christmas or any kind of special occasion is common practice.

We’ve put together a guide containing a range of gifts for dogs - from cute and sentimental to entertaining and fun. We are certain that there will be something in this guide to surprise your pooch.

Willy & Dilly’s Solid Ball Toy

All dogs love and appreciate their toys which is why a toy is our top recommended gift for all dogs. Give your puppy the gift of hours of endless entertainment trying to chew through Willy & Dilly’s Solid Ball Toy. Developed for even the most eager ghashers, this ball is the toughest of them all. Available in three different sizes - small, medium and large, made from 100% natural rubber and no harsh chemicals so this toy is completely safe for your dog. The best part is the variety of flavours that are available - beef, chicken or even venison! So depending on your pooch’s preference there is something to suit all their taste buds. Alternatively Blue is unflavoured so even the fussiest of dogs are catered to with this toy, making it the perfect gift for any dog.

Willy & Dilly Solid Ball Toy

Dog Cake

What’s a special day or a birthday without cake? The same principle applies to your pooch’s special day. Why not treat them to a special Dog Cake as a treat. Dog Cakes have gained immense popularity in recent years - so much so, that there are specialist dog bakeries everywhere to choose from. It is the perfect treat and gift for spoiling your dog and ensuring they are getting a safe and special treat.

Willy & Dilly’s Treat Toy

Why not combine our first two gift choices with a Willy & Dilly Treat Toy? If your dog loves to play and loves treats (let’s face it - there aren't many who don’t) this is a gift that will be right up their street! Let your dog enjoy the challenge of trying to extract their treats from their toy and have fun. Also available in three different sizes. This gift is sure to excite your dog and let them know just how special they are to you.

Willy & Dilly Treat Toy

Dog Bed

We all are accustomed to jumping into our nice cosy beds after a long, hard day. Well, your puppy is no different. Dogs relish the safe, quiet and comfortable space their bed provides so it is vitality important that they have a comfortable one. Whether it’s Christmas or your furry friend’s birthday, being gifted a bed is sure to get them excited and make them feel special. We recommend gifting your dog a bed that is supportive, soft and easy to clean and perhaps with a nice new design so they can appreciate their gift.

Willy & Dilly’s Rugby Ball

If you’ve got a very active, energetic dog or puppy that tires you out - this gift is perfect for them. Willy & Dilly’s Rugby Ball is designed to provide hours of fun and games for your four legged friend. For dogs that love to fetch and chew, the bright colours cannot be missed in any park! With a distinct oval shape, to give an unpredictable bounce when playing fetch, your dog is sure to find this gift amusing. To make things extra exciting for your dog, the shape of this particular toy is designed with grooves, where you can lodge tasty treats for your dog to break free. What more could you ask for! Surprise your furry friend with a Willy & Dilly Rugby Ball for their next birthday!

Your dog deserves to be loved and spoiled every day but nothing beats treating them to gifts on their birthday, Christmas and any special occasion in their lives! If your dogs are anything like Willy & Dilly, they will surely love any one of these gift suggestions on their special day. 

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