New Puppy Checklist

Whether you’ve already brought your new furry friend home or you are patiently awaiting the arrival of your new puppy...congratulations! Whilst the reward of a loving puppy is a great one, bringing home a puppy for the first time can be a challenging time. It requires patience, time and all the essential puppy items to help your pooch get settled into their new home. We recommend doing extensive research on the puppy breed you are planning to bring home.

Luckily, we’ve put together a new puppy checklist with all the essentials you need to keep your puppy, happy and healthy when you bring them home for the first time.


1. A Collar & Name Tag

Choosing a suitable collar for your new puppy can result in more secure and extra exciting walks for you both. Adjustable dog collars provide your dog with the space to grow and yet still remain comfortable. A puppy name tag can be ordered online or from your local pet store, ensuring your puppy’s name and contact information are included on the tag. We also recommend getting your puppy micro chipped and properly registered just in case your puppy loses their collar. This ensures your puppy will always be traceable. You can talk to your vet about micro chipping your new puppy!

Dog Tag & Collar

2. Puppy Food

Food, glorious food! Finding the right food for your puppy can be difficult and knowing how much food to give your dog. Every puppy and dog is different and will have different tastes and needs depending on their breed. We recommend doing your research into the breed of your puppy and if you are still unsure ask your vet for some suggestions.


3. Dog Bed

The excitement of a new home is sure to tire out your new puppy sooner than you think, so you want to be sure they have somewhere to rest - the cosier and durable the better! It’s important to remember this is your puppy’s safe place and where they can take themselves to chill out. Make sure your bed is the right size for your puppy, as they can quickly outgrow it.


4. Dog Toys

Every puppy needs to play and dog toys are an essential part of a dog’s development. It helps them learn how to play and foster a good relationship with others. We recommend having a range of dog toys for your new puppy to decide which one they like the best. Whether it’s to play fetch or chew, a good dog toy is essential for new puppies. Willy and Dilly offer a range of long lasting toys with a range of Treat Toys - the perfect toy for dogs that love to play and love treats! Treat time is even more rewarding for your puppy when they have the fun challenge of extracting their favourite nibbles. With a range of sizes there are suitable toys for all dog breeds.

Willy & Dilly Dog Toys

5. Dog Bowls

Dog bowls are essential for your new puppy and are dependent on the puppy you have, but some puppies need special food bowls due to their size, or medical needs. It is also important to have a water bowl placed next to their food bowl and in the same place so they know where to find it if they get thirsty.

We recommend having a good puppy shampoo, conditioner and brush for your new puppy’s hair. We don’t recommend using human products as these can be too harsh for your puppy’s delicate skin. Puppies don’t need to be groomed too often in their first year to allow their hair to grow so don’t over pamper your pooch! However, you can maintain their coat with a strong brush once a week. 


6. Grooming Supplies

Your puppy needs time to adjust to their new environment, so be patient, gentle and loving towards them as they may be a little scared. It’s important to give them time to settle in and sniff out their new surroundings but it won’t be long until they feel like they have always been there. Whilst this checklist is not exhaustive, you are well equipped with the essentials to bring your puppy home to a safe and happy home. 

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